Alara Organic Classic Apple Bircher 450g

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…with our classic Apple Bircher. Our recipe is adapted from the original recipe by Maximillian Bircher-Benner, a Swiss doctor and nutritionist. We have combined a selection of the ultimate organic and wheat free ingredients into our Bircher Muesli to create a nutritionally balanced recipe and a wonderfully versatile breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack.

There’s everything from wholegrain oat flakes, juicy sultanas and raisins, a mixture of wholesome seeds, fruity lucuma, apple and banana. For a typically Swiss experience add apple juice and natural yogurt (see side of pack for suggestions).

Our Bircher range is sweetened only with natural fruit and has No Added Refined Sugar and No Added Salt. Delicious, nutritious and sustainable. It’s enough to make you break into song on a mountainside meadow.

Tasty without compromise.
You told us you wanted great taste, good stuff for your body and the planet looked after. Here it is. Delicious, sustainable, organic Alara. We think it is how food should be. Come and join us.

Alex Smith started Alara in 1975 with just £2. He is the pioneer of natural and organic food in the UK and has been actively involved in many organisations and projects promoting sustainability.

In 1975 Alex created the first recipe for muesli without added sugar. In 1988 Alara was the first cereal company in the world to be certified Organic. In 2008 we became the first food company in the UK with Zero Waste, nothing goes to landfill from our factory.

We’ve never compromised our values and these and many other ‘firsts’ are part of our commitment to creating delicious sustainable pure foods, and to inspire. If you are inspired, please share our story with your friends and family. Together we can make a difference.

We believe in British organic arable farmers and fairness in the supply chain
We source all our oat, barley and rye flakes from British growers. By offering a long term contract and fair prices to the farmers, Alara was instrumental in establishing the Organic Arable Group, which connects small organic farms and has helped the development of the British organic oat sector.

This isn’t a Bircher.
It’s a Movement.
If thousands of people choose Delicious and Sustainable Alara to replace an unsustainable alternative then together, just maybe, we will help mend the Earth one spoonful at a time.

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