Clear Spring Cherry Spread 290g

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Ingredients: Cherries* (59%), syrup from fruits*, lemon juice concentrate*, lemon juice concentrate*, gelling agent: fruit pectin, sea vegetable powder.
* Organically grown

Although every care has been taken to remove cherry stones, some fragments may remain.

Product weight: 290g

Clearspring’s delicious range of Organic Fruit Spreads have been transformed by replacing the gelling catalyst calcium citrate with sea vegetable powder as a more natural alternative. They have also been given contemporary new packaging, designed to dramatically increase their shelf appeal.

Taste the difference

  • More than 50% fruits, our fruit spreads have wonderful, full-bodied fresh fruit flavour without added sugar, artificial colourings or preservatives.
  • Made using organic fruit and fruit juices.
  • A small amount of sea vegetable powder is added to balance the fruit acidity and enable the fruit pectin to set.

Why they cannot be called jams

Jams are required by law to have a minimum overall sugar content, so when fruit juice is used as an ingredient, instead of sugar, the overall sugar content (and the calories) are reduced. Thus the term ‘jam’ can no longer be used.

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Weight 290 g



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