Naturya Organic Barleygrass Powder 200g

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Naturya Organic Barleygrass Powder is organically grown in outdoor pastures, so the young shoots are bursting with nutrients by the time they’re cut and ground into a fine powder.

Barleygrass powder is an alkaline food and a rich source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll. Barleygrass powder is also a good source of antioxidants, including superoxide dismutase, which helps fight the development of inflammatory diseases.

Harvested from one of the world’s most valued crops, the young barleygrass shoots are bursting with nutrients. They are cut and quick-dried to retain all their sought-after vitamins and minerals.

This fine, green powder is also rich in fibre, calcium, magnesium and protein

Certified organic by the EU and the Soil Association
100% pure, with no additives, fillers or binders of any description.
Registered as vegan
Organic, Nutrient-rich superfoods, With vitamin E, iron & zinc, Gluten-free, Suitable for vegans
We donate a proportion of our profits to charitable causes.

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