Organic Life Probiotic Water Kefir Original 925ml

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Probiotic Soda
Organic Life water Kefir is a brewed, naturally sparkling, refreshing and invigorating drink for any time of the day. Our water Kefir is live cultured with billions of active probiotics in every glass. Make Organic Life water kefir a part of your daily routine for a well nourished life.

Water Kefir provides you with numerous enzymes. In addition to B, C, D and K vitamins, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphor, Zinc, Carbonic, Folic, Tryptophan, and Amino Acids. Not to mention that water kefir is a magnificent source of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and yeast strains that help nourish your immune system, reduce inflammation, help with digestion and increase overall energy.

Always keep refrigerated.

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