Rude Health Organic Strawberry & Raspberry Granola 450g

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Berry berry tasty indeed
We like our raspberries ripe and loud, not shy and quiet. That’s why we’ve chucked handfuls of them into this granola, and a load of strawberry chunks for good measure. The fruit is simply dried and the raspberries are crushed so you get the full fruity experience. We think they add something light and delicate to the dark, grown-up flavours of the grains baked with honey and date syrup.

Crunchy and intense
You’ll taste this granola coming a mile off, thanks to the intense flavour of the berries. We take the water out of them, leaving a feathery light package that’s packed full of taste. Subtle strawberries are set off by tart raspberries. Their crunchy sweetness is complemented by treacly date syrup and honey. Prepare for a double fruit fix, with bite.

If you like your breakfasts fruity then try Spiced Apple Granola for a change. And there’s a porridge for you to: Fruity Date is as warm soft and gooey as granola is light and crunchy.
Eat right, stay brilliant.
At Rude Health we only use the kind of ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen – nothing artificial, nothing refined. We source our ingredients from fields, orchards and vines – not laboratories. We think food should be made out of food – not thickeners, preservatives, colourings flavouring and other additives. The proof is in the taste, try it for yourself. When you’ve got food this good inside you, you’ll be up for anything.

You’re in rude health when…
Your trainers are always the muddiest, dampest ones in the cupboard. Polished floor = run and skid. Your ‘things to do’ list has ‘Everest’ on it.
Organic, High fibre, Whole grains, No added salt, No refined sugars, Non-GM, Vegetarian Society approved

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