The Berry Company Acai Berry 1 Litre

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About Açai berries The Acai berry originates from the lush Brazilian rainforest. Renowned for centuries by locals, the acai plant is known as “the Tree of life”. Renowned for over 2000 years, the Acai berry has a distinct flavour offering great satisfaction! It also proves that not everything that is good for you has to taste like medicine.

A bit about us The berry company is a family run business producing a range of delicious, juice drinks since 2006. Now we may be the first berry-based juice company in Europe but we’re definitely not some big, global company driven by profits. We want our success to come from love of what we produce and from people who like the way we do it. Berrylicious We have travelled the world searching for different berries. Berries are full great flavour and so that our customers benefit from our spoils, we have captured the essence of these berries in our bountiful range of juice drinks. The Berry Company’s range includes other delicious, healthy drinks available in both 1 litre and 330ml sizes. They contain no artificial flavourings, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colourings.

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