Vanillabazaar Madagascan Vanilla Infused Demerara Sugar 200g

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There are many manufacturers of vanilla sugar and domestically it is made by leaving some vanilla pods in sugar over a period of time. In fact many people make this at home to add that hint of vanilla to their coffees and corn flakes. However a good quality vanilla sugar needs premium ingredients and time.

Our vanilla sugar takes high quality sugar, infuses it with premium vanilla pods and adds some premium vanilla powder to it. This is so the sugar gets infused initially with the vanilla powder immediately due to the high surface area. Then over time the vanilla pods (which are cut into small pieces) slowly infuses more vanillin into the sugar over time.

This means that the sugar tastes as good on day one as it does in 6 months time… Ideal for a gift to those who love the vanilla taste in their day-to-day beverages, morning cereals and everything else!

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