Award Winning Raw Organic Golden Pilosa Honey (Mexico) 227g

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In 2018 this honey won a One-Star Great Taste Award by the United Kingdom Guild of Fine Food.

The independent food judges who awarded this honey a One-Star award described it as:

“Creamy, light golden in colour with a wonderful consistency and heady, floral aroma. Smooth on the palate with fudgey notes and a slight astringency which provides a good flavour balance. A delicious, moreish honey which the judges agreed is well worth a star.”

With a light, creamy texture and a delicious taste of smoked pineapple, this medically active honey comes from bees feeding on golden bidens pilosa flowers that grow in the 6000ft high plains of the Mexican Plateau in north-central Mexico, a region once home to the Aztec Empire.

To date, 201 medically active compounds have been identified in the bidens pilosa plant and it is one of the most potent medicinal herbs known to exist.

The bidens pilosa plant has been used in Latin America for centuries to provide relief for over 40 categories of illnesses from diabetes and ulcers to auto-immune conditions.

This is a prized, sought-after honey in Latin America and this is the first time it has been made available in the United Kingdom, exclusively by the Latin Honey Shop.

It is raw, certified organic by the Organic Food Federation, unfiltered, unpasteurised and living… as natural as if you collected it yourself.

This honey tastes delicious straight from the spoon or mixed into cold water, makes a nutritious and refreshing drink. It also tastes sublime on good quality vanilla ice cream.

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