Najel Orange Blossom Hydrolate 200ml

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Orange blossom hydrolate is used as a make-up remover for the sensitive skin on the face. Regenerating and relaxing, it soothes and refreshes the skin and leaves you with a radiant and bright complexion.

Orange blossom is highly aromatic and is popular in perfumeries and in cooking for its delicious scent. Its hydrolate releases a sweet, enchanting scent on the skin and leaves a sensation of coolness and well-being.

Use daily on the face and neck. Due to its relaxing and soothing properties, we recommend using it in the evening, before bedtime.

Orange blossom or neroli, white and highly scented comes from the bitter orange tree. A symbol of purity, orange blossom was often used in Antiquity for making up garlands for young brides. It was not introduced into Europe, around the shores of the Mediterranean, until the 11th Century

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